Reaching the Nations of the earth with the Gospel of The Kingdom of Jesus Christ

-One Person at a time-

Jesus Christ is the only HOPE

We are in pursuit of the Presence of God

Joel Chuks is passionate about the presence of God, his desire is to lead people into falling in love with Jesus Christ, he believes that when you are in love with Jesus Christ everything else becomes and addition.  Joel travels around the world preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God in demonstration of God's power, he operates in the gift of word of knowledge, wisdom and healing.
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Global Harvest is now ! Revival Fire is now !

We are passionate about revival and bringing the kingdom of Jesus Christ to the Nations of the earth through the manifestation of his love and power. Our heart is that  you will so radically encounter Jesus Christ that you become a burning one.  The kingdom of God is within you and is time to begin to manifest it to the nations of the earth.  Jesus must be glorified. 

Revival Sermons

We want to help lead you into the presence of God, that's why we have compiled all these videos of  the revivalists that God is used and is using to bring revival to the nations of the earth, you are called as well to be part of the end time army that the book of Joel prophesied about. We all have access to the spirit of God who reveals Jesus Christ who reveals the father to us. Heaven is on our sides and God is released the angelic realm to partner with us to bring the will of God to manifestation on earth. 

Blogs & Prophetic Words

Woman healed by Jesus of Chronic back pain from farming
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